After trying all the major brands, and being disappointed with their effectiveness, we decided to create our own shoe deodorizing powder.

We are comfortable in saying that our hand crafted, special blend, shoe and foot odor neutralizing powder is the best on the market. With just a couple of shakes on each foot and into your shoe, all odor can be eliminated for up to two months!

Most products just mask the smell of foot odor. Foundation attacks the odor at its source - odor causing bacteria and fungus. 

Each bottle contains a 6 month supply, given average amounts of odor.  

With Foundation powder, you can finally take your shoes off in confidence.

Foundation is an extremely effective blend of bacteria destroying powder and all natural, skin safe, essential oils, with a non-overpowering sandalwood scent.


*If you aren't satisfied with the product, just ship it back for a full refund. 

*Each 3/4 ounce bottle should last the average person 6 months. This may vary in more or less extreme cases of foot odor. 

*Our packages are shipped as plain black envelopes with address labels, if you worry about that sort of thing. 

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