Have you ever noticed that most shoe powders on the market only mask smell? I noticed this several years ago, trying multiple off the shelve powders, and being annoyed that I'd wasted my money. My shoes ended up smelling like a mix of menthol, baby powder, and feet... instead of just feet. Not much of an improvement, if you ask me.

There's a good reason these powders don't really work - they don't address the problem at its source: bacteria, particularly brevibacterium. When your feet get sweaty, the sweat becomes a feeding ground for bacteria to grow and multiply. Talc and baby powder will absorb the sweat for a short time, but they don't actually treat the already existing bacteria.

When I was researching this a few years ago, I decided to research alternative solutions. I found one in Zinc Oxide - a powder which is both absorbent, so it soaks up sweat, and antibacterial, so it keeps the bacteria from coming back later. There were a couple of obscure products on the market using zinc oxide, but they were unscented, had ugly pharmaceutical packaging, and weren't widely available.

So, I started making my own, the way that I wanted it, and it worked. 

A couple of months ago I thought, hey, I'm sure there are plenty of others who are in the same predicament as me. I decided that I should manufacture the product myself, and make it available to the hordes of smelly shoed, frustrated population of the internet. 

The result was Foundation foot and shoe deodorizer. The best, and nicest smelling, shoe deodorizer on the market. The sandalwood version is great, and those who have used it so far really enjoy it, but I've had some requests for other scents. Soon, we'll be rolling out a cedar scented version, which I think may have even broader appeal.

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